Driving a new growth and protecting the existing customer base are the current major challenges for any telecom company. To stay ahead in dynamic market where customer is least loyal one has to offer innovative products and services at lower cost consistently. We design our services in process efficient manner to achieve the optimum output which helps our customers to lower their cost without compromising on quality. We facilitate our customer to focus on innovation and market share which are their key areas for success.

In FY 2011-12 we have processed more than 1 million Customer Application Forms for two major telecom players in India. In an outbound survey project we have delivered 1.8 Lakh calls in a span of 4 months for a reputed telecom service provider of UK. We have a team which can cater our customers with four different languages. 





  • Scanning & Digitization
  • CAF processing.
  • Data Management
  • Inbound Contact Centre
  • Outbound Sales
  • Lead generation & survey