The economic recession has made the calls for cost savings in public spending even more urgent than before. All means to cut peoples tax expenses are being considered and outsourcing appears to be a very viable solution to this demand. In addition, more government agencies are looking at outsourcing as a means to gain specific value-added benefits to the services that public agencies are delivering to the people. 

Public agencies handle huge amounts of data such as citizens’ name, date of birth, place of residence, employment status, health records, social security numbers, just to name a few. Because of the sheer volume of data, it is already near to impossible to manage them manually or at least in a highly efficient manner. Handling them manually will inevitably cause delays and errors in processing transactions if not done by a team which is expert in the same. The only way to minimize these inconveniences is through outsourcing to an expert.                                              

We served revenue department of one of the large districts of Karnataka in processing approximately more than 2 Lakh election cards of local voters. With help of our team Education Dept of a district were able to achieve second position in state to complete a survey process conducted for Sakshar Bharat Project of Central Government.   At the time of Indian General Elections 2014 we processed 10,000+ affidavits of election candidates for 6 states. For state government elections we served Election Commission to process Polling Station data of two major states of India.   





  • Scanning & digitization
  • Government Cards Processing
  • Data processing and Management
  • Inbound Support
  • Data collection
  • Survey and Research
  • Application Development