With effect of globalisation the demand for better education has increased largely through increased private participation. The global education industry has experienced a rapid growth rate supported by raising awareness in developing countries; it is second largest sector after health care. The major driving forces for the evolution of education sector are privatisation, technology, growing awareness and need for sustainable development in sector.

Universities and institutes need to focus more on educational processes rather than administrative functions and should response quickly to the requirements of the market and provide appropriate courses and curriculum. They need to be dynamic as to cater to the changing economical and market conditions to produce students which match industry requirements.

Our back office services and  process oriented approach help institutes to focus more on educating people and save their time, cost and resources which in return improvises their overall efficiency .Our front office services help institutes in building a platform between them and their customers for hassle free coordination which adds value to their services. We have served a major Indian Technical institute for preparing notes by transcription of video lectures and we have solved the books availability problem to students by creating a digital library for a 70 year old institute.





  • Scanning & digitization
  • Creation of Digital library
  • Application development
  • Database management
  • Data processing
  • Promotion management
  • Online Course selling